Thursday, 12 December 2013

Master Plan ideas

Finally I seem to have my head in the right place to move things forward.

I had to re do Playful - it was too similar to Restorative, and I hadn't really got a strong theme behind it.

For Playful I'm going with things you do as children that are still fun as a grown up - jumping in puddles, kicking piles of leaves. We should take time to be childlike, even as adults.

The idea stems from the ripples caused by jumping in puddles and has moved outwards (just like ripples).

The idea for Cross Bones is to create a space that can be used by non residents, for lunch times, weekends, evenings, pop events and to create a space that adds to the London/Southwark Plan to encourage visitors to Southwark to explore areas south of the river side area.

Ideas for pop up events:
Ripples - the original image
Abstracted pattern
First outline design

Need to go and do some more work, layout of Blogspot is frustrating me again, hence the untidy layout.

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