Wednesday, 25 September 2013

'Native vs Non-Native, which one's best?'

Went to a very interesting conference today run by Palmstead Nurseries.

Lots of very informed people talking about the biodiversity value of native plant species versus non-native and exotic. Learned lots, one interesting fact - there's no easy and obvious way to tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly. Most moths are good, and an exclusively native plant palette does not necessarily give the best provision for biodiversity.

The list of external speakers (so I don't forget!)

Nick Coslett, Palmstead Nurseries
'The aliens have landed'

Sarah McCarrick, Building Research Establishment 
'Native plants and their importance to BREEAM and biodiversity'. 
This one was blown totally out of the water as the day progressed, I really hope they look at the guidelines!

Kate Bradbury, Independent Journalist and Wildlife Gardener
'Planting for moths: When native planting is essential' 

Prof Nigel Dunnett, Sheffield University
'Beauty and biodiversity: Why using non-native species increases the ecological value of our designed leandscapes'

Helen Bostock and Dr Andy Salisbury, RHS
'Plants for bugs: an interim report on RHS research'

Tony Kirkham, RBG Kew
'Establishing trees for the future'

Prof Chris Baines, Independant Consultant
'Striking a balance'

A day very well spent, well done Palmstead.
Also a great opportunity to network and catch up with past students, other designers etc.

Definitely one for the diary next year.

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