Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Navel gazing

I've just looked through to find my client & process design to post as per instruction from Jamie and all it did was bring back the horror, terror and nausea that I felt when I was doing it. I'm also appalled at it - there are some terrible mistakes in it, let along that fact that half of it is missing. It just reinforces the fact that even if I could come up with a decent design, I simply don't have the skills to express the ideas at the moment. It's so demoralising, AGAIN. Forget my best work, there isn't any, it will simply be what I actually managed!

I feel that I've gained no skills during the last 3 years at all. I've gained lots of knowledge and insight but very few skills.

I can't afford to be this despondent, this early in the term. I'll take the photoshop book to hockey tonight and do the lessons again. Perhaps this time they might sink in and I can work out how they might be useful to me.

Onwards and upwards - I don't have much further down to go!

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  1. It's all there in your sub conscious, but this is a time of stripping out and laying bare.
    So go with your gut, take risks and put those left field thoughts down when daydreaming.
    Think about space, void, time and memory and how all of these effect the human spirit.
    All causation has effects outside the box.

    Don't forget mind maps when and if you get stuck...you have nothing to lose.

    Hi to all