Thursday, 3 October 2013

Back to Procrastination!

Not bad as grottos go - Tiberius knew what he was doing at Sperlonga!

Some of you will remember the great procrastinations of last year so here's a quick one from me before I go back to my Roman grottos!

I was back at 'Little School' yesterday, and was lovely. It also reminded me that it was us trailing around the Hadlow grounds like confused lost souls 3 or 2 years ago.

It brought back all sorts of memories seeing the new students replanting the annual bedding by the carpark. I went to see the Tropical Borders. They are amazing this year, an absolute jungle of luxurious leaf growth, exactly what the intension is for the design. Shame I didn't take my camera.

It reinforced the realisation that we have to understand and plan for of the changing factors of time and variable climate conditions, not only from season to season but also from year to year, and that if we do it properly, we have an ever changing tapestry to create.

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