Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Photoshop - Task 2

Well, I have succeeded in doing something on Photoshop and I actually enjoyed it too. It's not the wonderful thing that hopefully it will be in the future, but I did manage to do it, it didn't take me all afternoon and I'm not traumatised by the experience so a good start. Just need to do the other 2 but I have to go food shopping now for my daughter's packed lunch tomorrow - yes, it is the H word, an all day hockey tournament (well, it's only all day if they don't get knocked out first thing). I won't be going to watch, I'll be continuing on Uni stuff, not sure if it will be Metis, Photoshop, the demographics of Southwark or what on earth to say about how the development of Renaissance music relates to Garden Design. You could all be in luck, it looks like being a very short presentation from me on Monday.

My first attempt with Photoshop, I even had a go with the filters on all the layers! I might get somewhere eventually after all. Still need some lessons though.

Here's another one, with a different model!

I did use different effects, promise, and I used context aware fill to clean up the foreground on this one.

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