Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Design Progression

I haven't managed to post anything recently so have put these up now so things are in the correct order.

First go for Mint Street - based around a cart wheel.

The site has a varied past, the Children's hospital, a work house, Charles Dickens' father imprisoned in Marshalsea Prison just up the road, 'Liberty of the Mint' - where debts could not be collected and, relevant to the design, a cart and wheel manufacturer was located there.

Jamie and Julia's comments were very helpful and I moved the design forward, and hopefully with a less literal interpretation:

<Image to be uploaded>

Then onwards some more, closer to the image on the final crit:

Cross Bones:
Progression based on the shape of the cranes on the hop warehouses that were historically on the site. Maidstone Buildings are Grade II listed as a remaining warehouse.

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