Thursday, 28 November 2013

I was really hoping to have more done by this time in the week but unfortunately family life has got in the way.

Bex, Julia and I went up to site on Tuesday, and I am so pleased that I have chosen the sites I have. So much history and there are some fantastic old terraces that have so far escaped recent redevelopment - a glimpse into the past, all be it a cleaned up and sanitised version. Cemetaries and workhouses are a pretty bleak past, although pwc is not a particularly bright future. I did put some thoughts down on Tuesday night while they were fresh in my mind and have managed to do a bit more research since.

I really get the idea of overlays - an effective way of looking at the different aspects of a site, I just need to claw back some time from family and business issues to get it set down on paper. Planting hedges is nearly as boring as laying turf, the difference is that I don't have to lay the turf.

I saw this on a wall near All Hallows Church, it appealed to me, I think it was the combination of antiquated phraseology and shabby chic. I hope it wasn't bought online last week!

Something that struck me was the variation in sound - both volume and type of sound, in close proximity. Surrroundings have a profound impact - either as a buffer or an amplifier. Something for us to take into account and plan around/for. Also the dominance that things can have - the huge brick wall and the Shard in Xbones. 

Time to get some sleep - more hedge planting tomorrow morning so I can crack on with Southwark in the afternoon - a weekend of the H word again for both my girls, both days. AAAHHHH!


  1. Love the sign. I think antiquated phraseology is perfect for that area. So many layers of history on one spot.

  2. I hooked up with the sound vibe, so noisy and bustly in the main street and as quite in our parks, and Dickens particularly very still and threatening.