Tuesday, 5 November 2013

So much for 3 hours!

Well, I've been at task 5 for a bit more than 5 hours so far but I'm still happy, and it will be much quicker next time. I feel really good about spending the time working on these skills because I know that they are things that I actually need and will be useful, both for for course, and my career.

So far, I've managed to create my 3d model, select tree species, draw outlines and scan. It took me 20 minutes to scan 5 pages. That's definitely worth remembering - takes much longer than you think. I remembered to put the blank piece of paper behind the trace first (makes a bit difference). I eventually remembered/worked out how to do eye level views and I sent the images to print and pdf so I've got something for the blog:

The story so far, scans and pdf views. Not sure how the final images will be, wait and see.

Eye level views 1 - 3

Isometric - Iso with Perspective
I'm hoping that this really is an axo -  iso with parallel perspective

You'll have to wait until I've done the final images because blogspot doesn't like my .pdfs either (it didn't like the ones from InDesign the other day) and it's not a constructive use of time to take the print files into Photoshop and resave them.

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