Saturday, 22 March 2014

I love the V&A

Those of you from the Advanced Rep class know all about my love of the V&A and last night I made very good use of my membership. I went to the opening of the V&As William Kent exhibition with Sid to try and regain a sense of perspective and get some inspiration.

William Kent at the Victoria & Albert Museum

It worked. What an amazing talent and so exciting to see so much of his work. It was brilliant to have an understanding the historical context, what had led up to it and what followed from it. A term very well spent with Tom Turner and I got so much more from the exhibition than I would have done before the module.

We had another look at the courtyard:

Controlling where people walk - fill the water feature. 
The grass was sectioned off because the turf had been relaid. 
I'm sure this will be a regular part of the maintenance schedule 
but there was no-one around to ask.

Outdoor cafe with die hard tea drinkers in themed (William Morris print) paper cups

Combination of the building and the planters. I found trees a little smaltzy and Christmassy but maybe I'm just miserable at the moment. Great reflections in the water - different characteristics at different times due to human interaction. Only 2 of the water jets were illuminated - maintenance/cost implications?

What happened to just going somewhere and enjoying it? It all started in the first year with those brick bonds and it's gone on from there.

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