Saturday, 8 March 2014

I'm aiming for design freeze

I'm aiming to be at design freeze today, and I think that it might be finally possible. I'll try and put up some images of the stages I've gone through but I need to get on and work rather than blog.

I've got the circus sorted out at last (large round open space, not Billy Smart) with help from Jamie and some model making.

Still sorting out the seating but I may have a way through, literally and figuratively.

On my way through finding tree info, I found the following blog: by Hugh Johnson, the wine and tree man. Well worth a dip into when time allows. I was interested to hear about the box eating moth that's probably coming our way, although as we already have box blight to contend with, maybe it's days are numbered anyway. Yet another aspect to consider when selecting our planting palette.

Off to get some more work done.

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